Destiny Makati 1st Anniversary

It was a early Sunday morning of March 1, 2009 for me as I prepared for praise and worship for Destiny Makati's first anniversary. The venue was ironically held in Pateros, but the favor from the people of Grand Villa Resort was given to us. The venue was a great one. The resort was one jeepney ride away from Guadalupe, Makati.

It is great to see that the house churches of Binan, Cavite, Makati and Alabang are growing. There are many people that I don't know but I know that God has been touching lives and He has given a great new outlook amidst what the world is thinking. I am blessed with the support of the other house churches as we celebrate this special occasion. It has been a long time since I have witnessed this many water baptisms.

It has been a long day for me, but I am reminded that God has been pouring out his blessings and mercies every single day. Happy first anniversary to Destiny Makati!


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