Prison Zombies

I heard that there is a detention center in Cebu, Philippines that had a "Thriller" act. It all began with a user submitted video by a person named Byron F. Garcia which is very obvious with his user name (byronfgarcia). The clip was featured in the news nationwide. It was a great cooperative effort from around 1500 inmates of the Cebu Provincial Detention and Rehabilitation Center.

The greatest insight I have on this four minute clip is the following statistics (as of August 10:23pm 8, 2007):

  • Views: 4,283,036
  • Comments: 11743
  • Favorited: 23805 times

Four million have watched the clip, eleven thousand left a comment and twenty-three thousand like the clip. Google did not generate this content. Google made an avenue for Byron Garcia to show it to the world. This is only one video, so imagine how much impact user submitted sites are making in the Internet with many videos.

If you think very carefully, Google doesn't really create their own content. Their search engine is basically a catalog of user created sites. Google is so popular to the point that people submit their site to be included in their listing.

If you want your site to have an edge, allow user submissions!